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Questions about your order:

How will my order be packaged?

All jewellery will be delivered in our beautiful, branded packaging. There is no extra charge for this.

What do I do if I receive a faulty item in my order?

We want to sort out any issues with faulty items straightaway. As soon as you discover a fault, please contact us using the above contact form.

We will need:
• The order number
• The faulty item's name and number
• A description of the fault

Can I amend/cancel my order after I have placed it?

We are really quick at packing your order which makes it hard to make any changes once you have placed it. This includes changing the delivery option, delivery address or payment method and cancelling the order. Please contact us straight away and we will do our best to accommodate any changes/cancellation requests.

I have not received my refund. What shall I do?

During busy times, please allow 10 working days from the date you returned your items before contacting us about your refund. We expect most parcels to be refunded within 7 days of reaching us. Please note this does not include your bank's processing time. We will email you to let you know once your refund has been processed.

There is an item missing from my order.

We want to sort out any issues with orders straightaway. As soon as you discover a missing item, please contact us using the above contact form.

We will need:
• The order number
• The missing item's name and productnumber

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I think my package may be lost.

If your package is showing as delivered and it wasn’t, please contact us. We are happy to look further into this for you. Once we have dispatched the goods, we will e-mail you. If you haven't received your order within the specified time of delivery requested please contact us with your order details.

Can I make an exchange/refund?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your item, please download or print the returns form here. Add as much detail as possible and send the order to the address listed on the form.

We will only accept items that have not been worn or damaged in anyway. Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept exchanges or returns for any earrings.

The buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping of the goods and insurance to cover against any loss in transit.

Can I return earrings?

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on earrings unless faulty.

Why didn’t I receive an e-mail confirmation when I made my order?

Although our confirmation emails are not spam/junk, please check there first. If you still cannot find it, please contact us with your name, email address and order details.

Don't forgot to add us in your safe Email List.

How will I know if my order has been shipped?

Once your parcel has been collected and scanned scanned by the logistics provider you will receive an email/SMS notification. Regular delivery updates will follow after that.


Questions about the jewellery

Where is the jewellery made?

Thailand. Thailand is famous for craftsmanship when it comes to silver jewellery. Our factory in Thailand is one of the top producers of silver and fine gold jewellery and delivers only to top jewellery brands in Northern Europe and Japan.

How is the jewellery made?

925 Sterling silver plated with either 22k gold or rhodium. The production involves a lot of manual processes and handcrafting by skilled goldsmiths.

Is the jewellery hypoallergenic?

Since the jewellery is made from 925 Sterling silver and plated with either rhodium or 22k gold the materials are 100% pure and very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

The metals that we use to craft our jewellery do not contain any hazardous substances such as Nickel, Lead, Cobalt, Chromium, Mercury, Cadmium etc. The Sterling silver we use contains Silver (more than 92.5%), Copper, Zinc, and very subtle Indium (below 0.1%).

As for Zinc and Indium, they are not classified as a group of toxic heavy metals such as Nickel, and they are often used for dental treatment. The factory where the jewellery is made has an X-Ray analyser (XRF) that can check whether hazardous substances exist or not, which is tested regularly.

Why is the price for gold and silver the same?

Our silver is rhodium plated Sterling silver and our gold jewellery is 22k gold plated Sterling silver. Rhodium is just as expensive as 22k gold... therefore the price for all of our gold-plated and rhodium plated silver jewellery is the same.

Can I clean my plated jewellery?

You may be concerned about tarnishing your plated jewellery further by cleaning it. Even so, you should be cleaning your jewellery from time to time to keep it looking its best. For those with gold plated pieces you need to ensure you're gentle, avoid rubbing, and simply clean in warm soapy water.

Remove all plated jewellery when doing pretty much anything that involves heat or, swimming, exercise....and anything else you can think of where the jewellery may get wet.

After bathing/showering, apply all lotions and perfumes before putting the jewellery on. Different chemicals in lotions and perfumes can seriously tarnish jewellery. It's best to avoid any tarnish with plated items as they aren't as easy to clean as silver and gold pieces.

Store gold plated jewellery in the box it came in. Don't chuck it in your jewellery box with everything else as the friction of rubbing up against other metals can wear away at the layer of the plating. And leaving it lying around increases the risk of tarnishing.

Do not sleep in your plated jewellery for the same friction-y reasons!

Do not use any abrasives to clean your plated jewellery! So, ignore all the advice online to use baking soda or a toothbrush to clean your plated items! Anything abrasive will remove the layer of gold or rhodium. This includes many polishes which are used on unplated silver or gold jewellery as these can remove layers of the plating when used.

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