Collection: Grass Collection

Since its establishment in 1952, Flora Danica has remained committed to the central principle of creating jewellery that reflects the exquisite and distinctive designs found in nature. A remarkable aspect of the brand’s craftsmanship lies in the preservation of the natural structures and organic elements found in the original blades of grass.
The blades of grass used in the design moulds were carefully handpicked from the Danish countryside many decades ago. By capturing these organic elements, Flora Danica ensures that the intricate details and unique characteristics of each blade of grass are faithfully preserved in the final pieces. This meticulous approach results in jewellery that captures the beauty and essence of nature’s own design.
To uphold the brand's commitment to quality, each piece in the collection is crafted using 925 Sterling Silver. This choice of material ensures durability and a radiant shine, enhancing the overall beauty of the pieces. Customers also have the option to select between 22k gold or rhodium plating, allowing them to personalise their pieces to suit their preferences and style.