Collection: The Four-Leaf Clover Collection

The Four-Leaf Clover collection is an iconic range of jewellery that captures the essence of real four-leaf clovers discovered in nature many years ago. The four-leaf clover is a rare find, with only one occurrence for every 10,000 clovers, making it a symbol of luck and good fortune.
The four leaves of the clover hold significant meanings. The first leaf represents faith, symbolising the belief in oneself and in the power of positive thinking. The second leaf stands for hope, reminding wearers to keep hope alive and to embrace optimism in all aspects of life. The third leaf symbolises love, representing the affection and compassion shared between individuals. Finally, the fourth leaf brings good luck, serving as a talisman for blessings and prosperity.
The jewellery pieces in the Four-Leaf Clover collection are created using the highest-quality materials. They are crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, renowned for its durability and lustrous appearance. To enhance the beauty and durability of the jewellery, customers have the option to choose between 22k gold or rhodium plating. The gold plating adds a touch of luxury and warmth to the pieces, while the rhodium plating provides a sleek and polished silver look.
By imprinting real four-leaf clovers into the jewellery molds, Flora Danica captures the natural beauty and rarity of these lucky charms. The collection not only offers aesthetically pleasing accessories but also serves as a reminder of faith, hope, love, and good luck in the wearer's life.
Each piece from the collection is crafted in 925 Sterling Silver with either a choice of 22k gold or rhodium plating.