About Flora Danica

The story of Flora Danica dates back to 1952, when one of the popular variety artists of the 1930s, Orla Eggert, developed the idea of making jewellery based on nature's unique designs.

Flora Danica was the first – and only – company in the world that could gild and immortalise flowers. The first Flora Danica jewellery were based on a copper covering of flowers and leaves, which were skillfully transformed by skilled professionals into a piece of jewellery which was subsequently plated with 22k gold. However, the copper was relatively quickly replaced by 925 Sterling silver, which still today makes up every single piece of Flora Danica jewellery.

The Parsley Leaf Collection

At one point, the company found it difficult to obtain all the flowers and leaves that needed to be used in the growing jewellery production. It was difficult to obtain all the four-leaf clovers that the customers requested. That's why there was a permanent advertisement in the local newspaper, which invited people to come and hand in four-leaf clovers every Sunday at 15.00 - and as a reward there was DKK 1.00 per four leaf clover. There was often a long queue outside Flora Danica's front door on Sundays so that the four-leaf clover jewellery could be delivered.

The Four-Leaf Clover Collection

Several spectacular events have shed light on Flora Danica's history. In 1992, Flora Danica was asked by the Danish Court to produce a special commemorative brooch, personally designed by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. The brooch was given as a personal gift by the Queen to all guests at the royal couple's silver wedding.

Flora Danica has also designed and produced a tiara for Her Royal Highness Princess Marie. The diadem is based on Flora Danica's collection, French Lily, and illustrates the love story between a prince and a princess in an elegant and simple style.

In April 2021, married couple, Karina and Martin, took over Flora Danica. The ambition is to take the tradition-rich brand back to its roots and relaunch the three most iconic and successful Flora Danica series in an even more elegant and up-to-date design. Together with the famous Danish flower artist in Japan, Nicolai Bergmann, the Four-Leaf Clover, Parsley and Dill series is being relaunched in connection with the celebration of Flora Danica's 70th anniversary in 2022.